Whispar in the Test of 2019, here is A really nice App

Whispar in the Test of 2019, here is A really nice App

Whispar in the Test of 2019, here is A really nice App

Whispar in the Test.

Whispar is a new App for Singles, the want to speak to them directly. According to the Motto “Love is in the ear”, is the voice of the users in the focus: It presents in up to 30 seconds and gets to hear first the voice of the other Singles .

Profile and contact.

Who wants to sign up, you must first enter his own phone number and get a confirmation code sent to you. By the admission of the cell phone number to call later to other users. The phone number is not disclosed by whispar – the call is encrypted and runs on the App.

The profiling is fast and very easy. There are the usual questions about the professional activity, to the place of residence, alcohol and cigarette consumption, physical activity, and character. The profile position is therefore completed in a few minutes .

whispar – briefly explained.

whispar want to appeal to all users directly, and it relies on the audio profiles of the users.

Who wants to meet at whispar someone who receives 30 contact proposals, each additional day 15 proposals, which clears via a voice recording to introduce as your profile picture. For this audio profile of each user has up to 30 seconds to introduce themselves and to give all relevant Details about it (or ask questions).

You then have the opportunity to like the Person, then you can view the profile and has three options, with the Person to make contact: You can send a Smile, a voice message or to send the Person to call secure and anonymous .

Whispar in the Test of 2019, here is A really nice App

Whispar in the Test of 2019, here is A really nice App

Audio profile – Do’s and Don’ts.

Clear, loud, and clear pronunciation Mumbling, coughing, Sniffle questions, the a on listener to the profile of interest to very play Bright, interested voice to emphasize the Unique characteristics of .

The audio profile What I say ?

So just the profile of the position and the Filling in of personal information is also the Record of a good audio profile is much more severe. Fortunately, you can listen to as a newbie, first of all other profiles before you have to even take one to the completion of the profile .

But what you say is best? In General, you are once again yourself, and explains why it is in the case of whispar: “Hey, I’m Michaela, I’m 23 years old, live in Munich, originally come from Tyrol, and joa, go out with friends. If you want to know more, just contact me”

“Hello I’m Thomas, 29, and work as a electrician, in my spare time I like to be outside with friends and listen to music. I’m here because I’m Single and wanted me to take a look at how this works here. If you like, cool.”

These simple self-descriptions are, as a rule, interestingly, the dialects are primarily the melodies and intonation of the einelnen persons Voice.

There are also more unconventional audio profiles, so Felix says: “Yes Hi, I’ve been waiting for. My Hobbies are baking cookies and painting, my favorite animals are unicorns. And what are you up to?”

Such profiles are, however, rather the exception. More important than what you say definitely seems after the first recordings, especially, how you say it: Whether with, or without a dialect, loud or quiet, with many “uuunds” and “√§hms” or severely bored.