Test 2019 – well Worth the registration

Test 2019 - well Worth the registration
Test 2019 - well Worth the registration
Test 2019 - well Worth the registration

Feierabend.de Test.

Founded in 1998, the Portal Feierabend.de it is not a classical single market, even if there are many 50 + Singles on the Portal. In our Feierabend.de Test the Social Media personality turned quickly to demonstrate. The point here is to meet nice people to be active online and to bring, in particular, the elderly, the benefits of the Internet. In the early days of the virtual world, have been excluded older people, usually categorically. Under the Motto: “learn it more”, directed most of the offerings targeted to young people .

Feierabend.de is the best example of this is that the Internet has no age limit. Whether in the Scout area, in a number of diaries or funny-silly conversations in the Chat, the 50 + Generation is a fun, young-at-heart, and heard not a part of the old iron, already over 190,000 members belong to the Community.

The evening belongs to the IVW-group, which is also the platinum network. Thus, the two largest and best-Ager-portals to the same operator. So far, it is not yet clear whether there will be a merger of the portals .

Help for newbies.

Members of the structure.

The proportion of men dominates, but active women are found on the Portal. On average, the members are 55 years old, between 50 and 70 is here, find everything. Occasionally younger members will find, in spite of the free usability we have in our Test Feierabend.de fake free found.

We tested in different areas, among others, is also how much the members have any interest in Dating. Here the results are mixed, a pure Dating site in the evening is not the case . There is also no classical personals, who wants to have a solid partnership must bring in Chats, groups and communities to Express .

Overall, a very friendly and sympathetic Community awaited us in the evening. As a new member, we were quickly absorbed into the circle of established users, and if you have questions you came to meet us in the Chat helpful .

Registration process and profile creation.

The registration works fine on the home page, however, are not queried some of the data you enter in the Internet normal, so happy. Unlike most Dating services in the evening requires a complete disclosure of the Person . Both first and last name, as well as address must be specified .

In the second step of the application, a confirmation by phone and E-mail address is required. For telephone confirmation of your mobile phone you will need to number to which a SMS is sent. The included Code you enter on the Website, then the number is considered to be confirmed. Also, you get to your specified E-mail address a Code you have to specify. Once you have done the two steps you can continue with the profile position, to.

Test 2019 - well Worth the registration

Your profile design is divided into three main areas. First of all, it is the section “My data” to fill in. Here, your personal details are stored, you can change at any time. Not change you can, however, your nickname, the works at the same time as the login name. In this section, you’ll also change your password if necessary, or upload a new photo in your profile.

In the tab “About me”, you can now be a little more personal and the other members an impression of you convey. Once you choose what you’re looking for. You have a choice:

In the following, a brief description, you can specify with a mouse click, what you’re interested in. This information will be displayed in your profile for visitors. Select you can:

sporty, active, enthusiastic about technology travel connoisseurs a nature lover nightlife joyful artistic animal literate-loving style-conscious, musically completely different.

If you have a own Homepage, you can specify them also. To the questions to your favorite music, your Motto and your Hobbies, you can reply with your own words. You have 250 characters per section are available. A further 250 characters, you also have a small Text about you and the “other” available.

Your privacy settings determine whether you letters of Feierabend.de get want to. Also, you can specify here, whether the editors of the web portal may give you a call or if you receive Mail to your home want to.

If you want to specify an E-mail address in the profile like, but your own would prefer to keep secret, you can use a forwarding mail of the evening. This consists of your nickname and the suffix @feierabend.com. The E-Mails are forwarded to your private address anonymous .

Of course you can upload all except your profile picture, other photos, and thus a better impression of you convey. In the category galleries, it is up to you, as many galleries and upload as you want. Please keep in mind: galleries are accessible to the public and can also be found on Google without signing in feierabend.de viewed .

Tip 1: A friendly photo, please! Everyone would like to know and see with whom he is actually in contact. A nice photo of you is so essential to create a great profile. Select sent to, because your To receives the photo at the first, key impression of you.

Tip 2: Your Basics please! The basic information about your Person are the cornerstone of learning. Maybe for you next thing interesting for others to know what profession you have, when you’re born and whether you also in other ways, e.g. via E-Mail can reach.

Tip 3: Show your group’s interests! It is always exciting to what interests other people have. When you join groups, you’ll see your activity in your profile. Prospective customers can not only see where you are member, but in the case of the existing interest also to join the group.

Tip 4: Your leisure time is important! Do you have a Motto , under the your life runs out? There are Hobbies, without which you don’t like life? To give you, because you tell a lot about you. Maybe you have something to say, what should know the curious profile of the visitors necessarily? Also you can find here.

Tip 5: activities can be exciting! In order to arouse even more curiosity and interest, you can score points with various activities. Write in the Forum, write journal entries, or show your life in pictures, in the you a gallery of photos open.