The best drinking games to get to Know and come Closer to

Drinking games come Closer and get to Know.

Our Top recommendations for drinking games that you can play, if you want to learn more about each other .

Drinking games for getting to Know and come Closer to.

Spin the bottle 2.0.

How about spin the bottle or bottle 2.0 turn? We all know the classics are still out of school: take a bottle, some courage, and turn it. The Person on the neck of the bottle shows, you must now give a (intimate) truth, an unpleasant question to reply to, or a duty to exercise. Or even someone to kiss.

The best drinking games to get to Know and come Closer to Drinking games for getting to

Spin the bottle 2.0, runs but a little different.

Utensils needed: A bottle that turns good; a variety of drinks (about 12 glasses flow of the game split), Like that of the usual spin the bottle, in turn, will rotate the bottle, Only the different drinks (whether now in Version 2.0, all in large, in small or shot glasses, high percentage or not) in a circle around the bottle, and it is also a question of before or after truth or dare the drink to empty. So round for round, will loosen the tongue and also embarrassing obligations increasingly more pleasant.

Card bubbles.

Another classic-and-kiss-warranty! Map of bubbles (or cards eyes) usually leads to a lot of Laughter, and thus falling cards and Kissing.

Utensils needed : cards – which is no matter. It can also be leaves. The paper only needs to be easy enough that you can draw it without a great effort with the mouth. Game play : your first to introduce you to each other. A starts and draws the card, keeps it short, with the mouth and then continue to the other players, the map sucks.

The best drinking games to get to Know and come Closer to circle around the bottle, and

The card falls and one of them is clearly to blame for it, then that Person must drink. They kissed (accidentally), you need to drink both. Sounds easier than it is, but most of the face to derail trains quite, if you try the map suck.

P. s. do not shy away if the card falls (or intentionally drop), if the harmony (and also, perhaps, the level) is true.

“Who am I?”

A good game to have the Knowledge and the interests of his counterpart to get to know. The modification of the children’s classic, is on certain categories of quantifiable and to play in two variations .

Utensils needed : paper and pen how to play : You can at the same time rates he will try to (-) or alternately. The best drinking games to get to Know and come Closer to if you
At the same time, but more fun. Either everyone listed on his piece of paper, a Person, an animal, or something one of the other categories that he wants to be happy, or it assigns the other a Person. The best drinking games to get to Know and come Closer to you need to drink both
Depending on how it is played, you have to guess who you are, or the Opposite. Only questions may be asked, are answered with “Yes” or “no”. Prior to that, you can specify whether you want to drink a “Yes” or “no” for an answer .

“I’ve never. “

I’ve never especially fun, if both are honest and can be.

Utensils needed : Only alcohol and a little courage flow of the game : One of the two starts, and is telling a truth or a lie, started with “I never.” the Opposite must decide whether this is true or a lie. Reveals the Opposite to a lie, then the liar must drink, do not, he believes a truth, must drink of Angelo gene. Example 1: A (lying): “I have never stolen.” B:”I believe you” A:”It was but a lie” ⇒ B Buss drink example 2: A(honest): “I haven’t showered never,” B:”That’s a lie” . ⇒ B must drink.