Red alert when you Flirt with Romance Scamming

A Red alert while Flirting: Romance Scamming.

Romance scammers create Fake Profiles in Dating sites and create the illusion of the Victims of the great love. What you can do.

Romance Scamming starts harmless .

Who’s single market was already in a Online active, knows the drill: The first contact is usually done via a private message. The sender is unknown, but it has set in the ideal case, a photo of yourself. On this Basis you can decide whether you want to reply or not.

Otherwise, it runs in the so-called Romance Scamming. You will receive an e-Mail or an invitation to Chat and meet on a supposedly reputable Person with white skin color. Pictures to show you how attractive the or the Unknown. Red alert when you Flirt with Romance Scamming your papers
In combination with an exciting life story that naturally arouses your interest.

The truth looks different .

In fact, however, is not that attractive To much with reality, but is a shrewd swindler. Romance scammers are wonderful to present your best side. These chocolate side, however, is a lie plain and simple. Red alert when you Flirt with Romance Scamming cases, and it
At the other end of the line, a West African, a Russian, or a Thai woman is often .

While male scammers spend as Doctors, engineers, architects, and computer specialists, to put women preferred a career as a nurse or a teacher, or sell yourself as a successful business woman. The images of the Romance scammers are stolen either, or, if in a particularly provocative poses, extra to the occasion of fraud has been recorded .

Your the real face of the Scammer does not show .

What is sensitive …

Whether it’s a romantic Good night message, morning call, or long hours, sweet as sugar-chat – Romance scammers invest a lot of time and energy to become an indispensable part of your everyday life – and mostly with success. You are not talking about money. They disguise their true intentions behind insightful conversations about the family, the profession, about feelings and the future. With stories about dead children or Partner, you try to awaken your pity. And then?

… is a tough calculation.

Then you need to travel – just before it should come to a Meeting – in the short term, abroad. There you will be attacked and then allegedly robbed or your papers stolen. Red alert when you Flirt with Romance Scamming is usually done
To be able to clothing, food, or drugs to buy and to make a speedy exit possible, you need money from you.

Since you don’t know for a fact that you reset it lightly out, put on simple psychological Tricks: you profess your love and contact, possibly also your friends and relatives. If that doesn’t help, apply additional pressure and threaten with suicide.

How do you protect you can.

Romance Scamming is a known risk in the network. It represents, however, no fundamental threat, based only on Online Dating sites. It is isolated cases, and it is easy to protect. If you are unsure about the intentions of your Flirts unsure, call a phone call and make sure from which country the call is received. Research what search engines spit out on the Person .

At first you go, however, if you insist on a Meeting and not tell much of you, until you really look it in the eye. If the promised feelings and the profile are real, is likely to be such a Meeting in the interests of your counterpart and not a Problem.

If you notice that you’re in the trap: was! Even if you’re deeply ashamed of, speech with Familiar and go to the police. Online portals also help out. In our article about love scamming Eastern Europe, we will go into more detail on the Problem beyond the Nigeria-Connection .