Nowyoo Test-September 2019 – hot love or hot air

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Nowyoo im Test-September 2019.

Eroticism is in the first place, Outstanding Navigation, and good Support Reputable and safe authenticity testing groove a few free contact opportunities, More women than men in front of the Cams with a lot of variety, a Few real contacts possible.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 4,0 /5 App: 3,0 /5 Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our Test Report.

Nowyoo is an Amateur Community, where the women and the men watch it. Of course, there are also male performers, however, rather rare. You can sign up here everyone that is older than 18, and also the presentation in front of the Cam each free. Nowyoo comes from the house of Fundorado, an operator has collected the with sites like Fundorado, Sadorado, or Gaydorado a lot of experience and considered very reputable applies. In comparison to the big brothers and sisters Nowyoo is just an offshoot, but the operator effort with the Big guys.

Anyone who is registered here?

Many well-known adult star, More than 500,000 Amateur and More than 90,000 Videos every Day-several hundred Cams online women’s share is considerably higher in the case of the Cams.

In Nowyoo there are more than 500,000 Amateurs, of which several hundred are online on a daily basis. With a well-known porn star like Tight Tini, who know many adult fans and loved ones. A total of more than 90,000 Videos were uploaded every day to come. But not only professionals, but also by numerous Amateurs show up at Nowyoo in front of the Cam. In front of the cameras, the proportion of women is significantly higher than the proportion of men in the area of the audience that looks may be different .

Especially beautiful at Nowyoo is, that round-the-clock attractive and Amateurs to find, so that it is at no time boring. Age-wise, everything is on offer, from the young 18-Year-olds to Mature Ladies, the take no sheet before the mouth and no substance before the intimisten areas of your body .

The registration process.

Login via existing Fundorado-Account registration by E-Mail in seconds FSK18 done content only after verification visible verification of your age will take about 72 hours a Lot of setting possibilities in the profile.

If you already have an Account at Fundorado, Sadorado, or other Portal of the provider, you can log in with these access data, Nowyoo. You have no Account yet, you can register online at Nowyoo by E-Mail address. Your temporary password will be sent to you by E-Mail and you can sign up. First of all you base are-a member, and have access to many areas, but not in all. So you are not, or only censored to be displayed, for example, FSK18 content. To change this, you can go through the age verification .

You give here, your data (first Name, last Name, address, birthday, and Bank account information) and consent to the identity check. Nowyoo then transfer to the specified Bank account a Cent in the Bank transfer subject, you will find a Code. If you enter this Code on the Website, you will be for the over 18 areas unlocked. This process takes about 72 hours. Faster it goes if you used a credit card instead of Bank account. Here, the transaction is carried out, often after just a few hours, and you can switch you for free.

Your profile itself, you can create very diverse. If you don’t just watch the Cam, but real contacts want to socialize, you should place this much value. Most women and even men are welcome with a well filled out profile with pictures and Videos. Nowyoo first checks to see whether uploaded photos comply with the guidelines, the activation time is between 30 minutes and 24 hours. Experience has shown that the activation works faster if you have a verified profile .

With age check, you purchase a so called Premium Account which is completely free of charge. If you use paid features, you will need to charge extra Credits. This feature you only get if you booked the Premium membership did.


A lot of women in the General Chat, private chats possible at the cost of sending messages is rarely used, only for Premium members Forum for diverse discussions.

The contact by message is not used in Nowyoo so often, most women and men rely more on direct talks. Hand on heart: Who is in Nowyoo online, don’t want to send in, as a rule, only messages, but also in front of the Cam pleasure.

There is hustle and bustle in the General chat, here are many of the Cam performers on-the-go, and strive in good faith to their viewers. Cute Flirts, which may end up in a private meeting, are the order of the day. The public Camchats are not FSK18, here is more likely to be fueled up and chatted, but it does not come to the extreme.

If you experience a private Cam chat, you need to ask the woman a question. You answered them quickly and invites you to her in a separate Channel. Now you can chat with you completely private, you watch it as it is in front of the Cam active and enjoy it.

If you want to chat with other members, the Forum is a great way to do this. On all sorts of topics, a lively exchange here. You can use the Forum only if you already of the age check is performed and a premium member are.

Profile information.

Women fill out their Profiles very well from Profiles only check visible the Videos and Cams also found for FSK16 available No Fakes (thanks to the audit) professional profile on best designed.

The Profiles in Nowyoo are almost always very good, with the Profiles of the professionals that perform best. Stream inside, the are already well-known porn starletts, have specified in their profiles, a lot of information for interested viewers. In addition, there are almost always also a timetable that shows what time is that again in front of the Cam show. So if you have a very specific, well-known women want to see, you can find out what it is worth, purely to unlock.

But in addition to the Cam there are also private Profiles of women who do not show up at all in front of the Cam. These fill out your Profile well, here’s honesty is in focus. Who is logged in, for example, only in Nowyoo, a bit of pocket make money with Videos and co., is here openly. You’re taking so little risk, to have a conversation with a woman who wants to be at the end of your money, you but something else is playing.

Very nice is it, that almost each profile contains a number of photos and Videos. Not for nothing, Nowyoo shines with more than 90,000 Videos uploaded daily more. This is highly erotic Content, and it is only after age verification at all visible. In General, Profiles can be visited only if the age check has been carried out. As a basic member you have no access to other Profiles.

Fakes we have not discovered in the Test at all, which is probably due to the identity check. Who is not running this, and at the same time a free Premium membership, acquires, has in Nowyoo no chances. Basic members can contact neither with other users in contact, yet any erotic content. Therefore, you will, even if it Fakes should be, not with these come in contact with. Who acts as a premium member, you had to go through the identity check and is thus automatically a real Person.

Thanks to a mobile Version Nowyoo is not easily from your Smartphone from an App, however, there are .

Practice test.

Nowyoo made a good impression. We could us a few seconds after the registration with the sent password to log in. Quickly, we have noticed that there is no age check, nothing really works. This is a little annoying because it takes up to 72 hours, until you can actually access the features of the site. Debt, the Transfer of a Cent to the Bank account, which can take 2 – 3 working days. At this time there is not at Nowyoo really to do something. Most of the Features are only for premium members to use, this membership will only be activated after the completion of the age verification .

If, however, all areas are free offers Nowyoo a lot of variety and fun. The Cam girls are very attractive, in addition to some well-known faces, there are also a lot of Amateurs who are no less worth seeing. It’s more difficult to come up with real women who want to have outside of Nowyoo fun. The search function showed us time and again Ladies in our Region, but this was only rarely to women who really wanted to have a Meeting .

Even if Nowyoo is it so, that here, sexual partners, and for that we have perceived it differently. We would recommend Nowyoo as an Amateur community unconditionally – but with the addition that real Meetings are possible, but rather, the exception will remain. If you’re looking for, but fun in front of the Webcam, is in the right place, because Nowyoo scores in terms of quality and variety significantly.

Great Support, solid Design.

In terms of Support Nowyoo was able to obtain the full score. Hardly any other provider is so intensely to its customers and is willing to help almost around the clock. At seven days, the weeks, there is a toll-free number that is staffed several hours a day. Here, even on Sundays, resolved in the period from 11 – 18 o’clock, acute problems and fixed. Whether from a Smartphone or from the fixed network, the Hotline is available for users from Germany and Austria, free of charge, and offers fast and direct help,.

Who acts better in writing, can be in the Chat from Nowyoo directly help. Support chats are used to immediately help in case of problems and can be easily used. Of course, there are also the classic Support via E-Mail, experience has shown that it can take up to 24 hours until a response from the user is received.

The Design of Nowyoo is not outstanding, but much more pleasant than that of its big brother Fundorado. The Clarity is unprecedented, here at Nowyoo even a layman can immediately find everything they are looking for. The page display is in color very comfortable and the Cams will be transferred in good quality, often in HD. We have, in spite of intensive search, not a point of criticism in the field of Design and functionality found.