Linduu Test September 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates

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Linduu in the Test of September 2019.

Linduu promises on its Homepage a lot of fun, Flirts and great people. As we reports the Internet by checking out, we found a lot of opposite Users: Here was reported by “rip-off”. It was also complained that the absolute majority were of the female User Controller .

If all that’s true so, or whether we can recommend the single exchanges, but we clarify in our detailed test report.

Quick and easy registration, Few mandatory details login with Facebook optional 14 Credits at sign-up for free contact warranty.

The account at Linduu’s easy and costs not even five minutes of your time. In addition to a user name, password, country/postal code, age, gender, and sexual orientation, you need only an email address for verification. Alternatively, you can also register with your Facebook profile. The minimum age is 18 years.

During the registration Linduu explicitly points to the fact that the Controller can be used. In the case of “controllers” are employees of the platform, participating in with fake identities in the Chat and the User to animate, to write more. A Meeting with these persons, is excluded. As a result, the operator acknowledges even a 100% contact guarantee .

Once the verification link has been clicked on in your e-mail mailbox, and you can start. Directly after Login, a list of Online Users. To Start, you get 14 Coins, you send two messages to other Users can.

Profile position.

Unlimited Upload of profile pictures Practical tool for Cropping photos information can, at any time can change Certain images to be “non-public” are defined .

The possibilities to customize your profile, in comparison to other portals, on average. Like on most Dating platforms, you can – in addition to the information contained in the application – additional information about family status, sports, Hobbies, Pets, favorite food, and what is to you in a Partner important to enter. This info must be selected from a very short, predefined lists and are, therefore, not always accurately. At least there is still a free text field called “flirt text” in which you describe yourself a little better can.

A positive point we noticed but still, in the case of the creation of The unlimited number of uploadable photos can be tailored with a practical Tool and rotated. It is also possible to make individual photos only to selected members accessible: This refers to your friends list.

The profile is completed within a few minutes, and can at any time be changed or supplemented .


Many Users from Germany online Extremely high number of controllers and Fakes women are in the Majority.

Linduu is silent about its exact user numbers. In our Test, but at any time of day or night enough users in the Region online.

Amazingly, according to the platform – in our perception – a significant surplus of women. We attribute this but to the use of controllers. Age can technically be said that women are more likely to be young, and the men tend to be older. The range is mainly between about 18 and 60 years of age. The Hetero-users are in the majority, and also a few Bi – and homosexuals.

Profile Design.

No labelling of the control of learning Profiles well filled in Many of the Fakes.

We have found that most of the Profiles are relatively well filled and complete. Also almost any User photos are to be found. Since we were already in the Problem: The female users mainly use Model-pictures. We suspect strongly the Controller behind it; doubly a shame that these are not marked and certainly the one or other of the man behind the light led. Real users have no way to let on one way or the other to verify .

With the exception of individual images, the visibility can not be restricted to the Public. The Profiles are no additional cost fully visible.

Contact the manufacture.

Free search, No sorting options, Poke and send gifts to contact, without exception, subject to a charge.

Linduu offers you a searching for a user name and a detail search. The latter, however, is a bit poor: gender, age range, star sign, and distance can be selected. The results can again be according to the Online Status, and existing photo filtered. A pity, we find that there is no sorting options such as by distance or age .

The classical contact site is via a message. In this case, every shipment is in contrast to the reception – for a fee. Shy can be the first step with a Poke (chat message: “the User You poked”), or by using a gift to make.

The notification of new Messages by E-Mail is enabled by default, but can be turned off in the options .


A simple and clear structure Extensive and informative FAQ free Apps available for iOS and Android Good Web App for Tablets and Smartphones.

Linduu offers a simple and self-explanatory structure. All features are quickly accessible from the home screen. We also like the fresh optical layout .

The operator offers a mobile App for iOS and for Android. These are free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store available. The function scope corresponds to 100% of the Desktop Version.

Who should have a question, find an extensive FAQ section and can not turn if this is enough – to the 24/7 Support. In contrast to the other messages, this initial contact is free and your Coin inventory remains untouched.

Special Features.

Hot or not.

In the case of “Hot or not” is a small modification of the well-known principle: You are shown two photos (male and female) and you can “The photo is HOT!” option. The “not” probably got lost somewhere… in Addition, you can directly under the picture the options “profile”, “send a message” and “Poke” to choose.

Linduu in the practice test.

Faster entry on the platform, No news, despite the Controller and the contact warranty little real User, not a Chance on a Date.

After the quick and easy registration, we have found our way without help immediately. We were pleased to get to the Start 14 Credits given until we have seen that we have come so far. Two messages sent are just the first step to a potential Date.

The Chance to find such at Linduu, we, however, are virtually non-existent: We were overwhelmed by the large number of Controller, or Fake profiles, especially in the case of the ladies of a younger age. We received, as promised, a lot of messages. That it was the Controller, after a brief glance on the Message content and the profile obviously.

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Costs and prices.

In this case, every shipment

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Coins / Coin / Coin / Coin / Coin / Coin.

Account search use Profiles to visit view list of messages view to create a receive 1x Poke per day.

Send message.

Credit Card PayPal Instant Transfer.

No subscription-based functions subject to a charge for payment with internal currency, the “Coin” Anonymous payment possible to have Different prices at the payment possibilities Occasionally coupon codes on Facebook and Twitter.

The Dating Portal Linduu sets – in contrast to many competitors – not on a subscription model: The fee-based function, each of which is charged per use, by means of the internal currency, the “Coin”. If these are depleted, you will not Bay but followed automatically. So you have full Overview of your spending in the Community.

For virtually all of the activities that can be used to get to Know, money is due. Thus, each interview developed in a expensive fun. Even in the “cheapest” package per message to € 1.17 will be calculated. Where we are just in the form of “packets”: These are available in all sizes and price ranges. Please note, however, that the Coinpreise differ depending on the method of payment significantly. To make a purchase for via Premium SMS (Mobile Payment) and the Paysafe Card is not recommended – here you pay in comparison to the other methods of payment almost Double.

In addition to the classical transmission of messages are also retrieved for gifts and friend requests a minimum of 1,17 €. The Poke (chat message: “User has poked You”), once daily, for free, from 2. Time 0,47€ will be due. On the Internet sometimes Codes for 15 ad-free Credits. This is, in practice, however, only a drop on a hot stone.

The payment is anonymous only on the Paysafe Card, but its price.

Unfortunately, we can confirm the above-mentioned points of criticism completely:

The absolute majority of the female members are actually not real – a real Date is, therefore, excluded almost 100%. In spite of the good visual presentation and intuitive Interfaces, there are a lot of promising Dating services on the net.

To truly experience a real Meeting with women and to get caught in the rip-off case, we recommend that you take a look at our test winner in the category of single throw exchanges .

Platform and prices.

What is the cost of Linduu?

Linduu works without a subscription model. By means of the internal currency, the “Coin” you can pay for the shipping of messages, gifts and friend requests. The price per Coin is, depending on the package size and method of payment – between 23,3 and 40.8 cents.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail. What can I do?

The receipt of the E-Mail can take up to 30 minutes. If you have not received it yet, please look in the Spam folder. If you’re not going to find this, you can contact by writing to [email protected] .

For what Smartphones, there are a Linduu App?

For both Apple iPhones and Android devices there are Apps. This can you download in the official App Stores .

Can I reach the Support by phone ?

Yes, this is possible. You to the telephone customers can reach support Monday to Friday from 9.00 clock up 18.00 clock under the phone number +49 (0) 1805 – 353 63 71. The call costs 14 cents per Minute from land lines and 42 cents per Minute from mobile network.

Can I trade my gifts for Credits ?

No, this is not possible. You can however, in your profile, if you want.

I can about the news at Linduu on Social Media platforms read?

Yes: Linduu account keeps on Facebook and Twitter. Here you can find occasionally coupon codes for Credits.

Use and Profiles.

How do I report a profile due to harassment ?

If you have problems with a user, you can report it by e-Mail to the Support .

What brings me a friend request?

As soon as the other user has accepted your friend request, you can also see the private pictures of the User without restriction. This also works Vice versa.

How can I delete my profile ?

Make sure you’re logged in. Then you can delete the Link your Account completely .

How can I upload a photo ?

A picture you can upload it under “My profile”. Here you will find under “My images” the command to Upload. If you want, you can crop it and rotate.

What should I consider when uploading images ?

Your photo must be smaller than 1 MB. In addition, Linduu provides additional requirements: No pornography, no violent Pics, or political images. In addition, they should be up to date and your face to be clearly identifiable. Internet address, or other advertising are also prohibited.

Why is it always deleted my profile text ?

The profile text has to meet similar claims as the profile picture. If you break them will be deleted from the Text by the operator .

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

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