Joyclub Test September 2019 Real hot adult contacts

than just erotic adventure

Joyclub in the Test of September 2019.

Suitable for Singles, couples and Swingers According to their own data, had, in fact, more than 80% of female Users already real Dates Very good Overview of the erotic events of What was really going on in the Joyclub? Our experience report Fake Profiles by authenticity check Fast registration, extensive Profiles many of the functions initially somewhat confusing costs in comparison to an appropriate area.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 4,5 /5 App: 4,0 /5 Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our Joyclub-Test September 2019.

Joyclub is a social network for non-binding Sex-adventure, Casual Dates and uncomplicated affair. In the meantime, over 2 million satisfied members are logged in to Joyclub, most of them are couples, but also many women and men who want to enrich their sex life .

Joyclub offers a real sense of Community through access to numerous erotic Events. Many functions could be called Joyclub as a German “Facebook for the erotic”. By the way, a lot of sexy photos and Videos of stimuli at a first glance.

There are also professional View of prostitutes, photo shoots, Tantra Workshops, etc., which are marked separately. In the Joyclub you can easily find something for every taste, especially, we find the many private, members-Profiles particularly sparkling.

A Joyclub member reported (21 years, female)

I am now registered for 2 months at Joyclub and hold the Portal for a good adult Dating site. The Joyclub is a world of its own, it has given me new perspectives. The Ads to the erotic events in the Region I find particularly exciting. The members support each other, for example by making positive comments under the photos. With a little effort you can quickly make contact, however, this requires a well-groomed profile and commitment to the Writing of texts. The many photos and Videos are would like to give that up, plus I hate to. I can make it through the Joyclub interesting Dating experiences, I would not have experienced otherwise, definitely 😉 But Shhh.

Anyone who is registered here?

You will receive a personal profile which you can fill out members are reputable and very active, Informal Community-like atmosphere In the Test no Fake Profiles mixed audience Many Swinger couples, young and Mature Singles, but also for fetish Lovers and party-goers.

As our test editors took on during the practice test Joyclub more closely, it occurred to her directly, the relaxed atmosphere in the Community. The full-year members to lead a very friendly and open communication with each other. Different preferences to be respected, and there are quite can also find many couples looking for a Threesome among the members. This is surely a result of the acceptance by the diverse members of the Community. Women pay permanently and can use all the features of the Joyclub for free, if you make a free authenticity check. For the verification of authenticity of only a hand-written slip of paper with the profile name and the current date as the photo uploaded. This is likely to lead to the increased number of genuine female Profiles in the erotic portal. In General, the Profiles of the members to be authentic, due to the many personal texts, and often these are also very loving .

The imagination, creativity and sometimes even obscenity there are regular Updates on the part of the operator almost no limits. There’s a lot of free-text option on the Website and you can provide the profile with a Banner and other (erotic) “eye-catchers” .

Since there is not in the Joyclub only Swingers, but also third-party-goers, LGBT, fetish Enthusiasts, and Singles in search of adventure, not “it is recommended a note on what you are looking for, to leave in his profile, if you are open to anything,” or would like to be.

According to own data, more than 80% of female Users have actually already real Dates .

People who register here are in the Joy club, but have mainly one thing in mind: A Partner with whom man together or two of his sexual fantasies can be enjoyed. The shares to photographers and professional members are here in the ratio is rather low. Fakes met in the Test, actually, no – all of the Profiles were verified and appeared to have real erotic intentions. Since the Joyclub a provider of an erotic platform, it does not exclude that there are also people sign up who want to “just looking” or “easy chat” to meet without the same. Unlike other portals, hits you in the Joyclub so also people who are looking for others with the same interests, without wanting to meet in real life .

Age distribution.

18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

The registration process.

Duration of registration: 10-15 Min. Fast registration via Facebook is possible Unlimited number of photos and albums Tool to edit the images, write their Own articles and private Websites, and the profile link.

Registration as a basic member for Joyclub is free of charge, so you can look around first. In the profile can be selected by many of the check-information is exactly what is wanted. This information will be able to view other members later in the profile. Uploaded images will be displayed in the profile size and the photos you can’t miss, after the Upload, with the provided Tool for image editing a final touch. The photos can be used individually or for all Joyclub members to view unlocked. This is a great feature, which gives control over the protection of one’s own personality. Many members describe themselves in great detail in the “About me section” or “I like it”. Here, you can be so calm Gas. In your own guestbook, you can leave entries or members, for example, to ask questions. In addition, a Joyclub shows how many members have visited your profile .

The following details are available in the profile:

“About me” (text) I’m looking for. Personal information ( “interest swap”, “interest in photo shoots”, “I like That. ”, “I don’t like it. ”) Own preferences ( for example: “necessarily: Dirty Talk, Kissing, etc.” or “I stand on it: lingerie”), Our tip: don’t Be secretive, especially in the free-text to and tell the profile visitors something about yourself, your interests, preferences, desires and fantasies. So it looks the same on the first click, whether it could fit or not.

Photo albums create, depending on the respective membership .

The personal profile image is not independent of the membership, the number of photo albums on the other hand:

Basic member: 5 photo albums Plus membership: 10 photo albums Premium membership: 30 photo albums those Who want to positively stand out, is the best not everything he has. The stimulus is often Hidden and leaves space for the imagination of the viewer. Men and women, especially with black-and-white photos, with a Plus in men photos in the suit or of the chin and lips can be, women should rather sensual photos. When a lot of erotic men get known to large. Eyes and the blood disappears from the head. So: Less in women is sometimes more. Explicit content there is in any case only with proof of age and a Premium membership.

The steps of registration:

Selection of their own sex or the pair of registration selection of one’s own interests (to men, women, couples) to select your Region, specifying the age, the choice of the Pseudonym choice of a password, verifying your email address On the “free click” sign up.

On Joyclub 9 different profile types are available. For private use and without commercial interests, to choose to log on to the application just, accordingly, as a woman, man or Couple. For service providers, Joyclub, which provides an extra Link. Subsequently, interests, date of birth and Region can be selected (other members do not see your postal code). The indication of the birthday is only used to share content are only for FSK-18 and will not be published. You choose a nickname that does not allow conclusions on your Person and your interests in Joyclub reflects. Later, the Name can only be changed by using the customer service once per year, therefore, you should choose a name that you like permanently. Choose your password and enter your E-Mail address, click on “register for free” – and then it can go well come on !

A quick registration through a Facebook profile is also possible. Here you can specify which personal data may share Facebook to Joyclub. Joyclub not post this on the Facebook wall.

Tips for profiling: to make your profile for other members interesting, you should take sufficient time. Creative texts are positive. Choose images only show yourself and no FSK18 content included. Particularly can you with a profile of text that describes your experiences, wishes and preferences again individually. Realistic – but not arrogant. Parts of the other members of your experience, what do you like to do and what stimulates your imagination in an appealing way with.

To belong to by the way: the most popular preferences in the Joyclub in addition to Older: blindfolds, anal, BDSM, picture sharing, BJs, Erotic chat, lingerie, Dirty Talk, and exhibitionism.


Club mail contact to add a compliment send a “Nudge”function In a group chat invitation (with Video invite to private Chat, or virtual gifts) profile rate and match For women sending messages is free Live Chat for direct replacement available.

It’s Cool that Joyclub offers a custom Smiley with funny choices. To each issue, there are Smileys, erotic, playful, funny sayings and without. Club mail, the personal messages of Joyclub-Community, hot you can attach to small gifts, which can be purchased with Coins .

If you sent, for example, a Rose appears for one day in the profile of the other. Also clovers, or any other courtesies for little tokens to send to come in, as a rule, is always good .

The different Profiles of the

The a lot of profile information of the members, allow a good Start to the Flirt. The Inbox provides a convenient sorting of the messages read and unread messages. Even a trash can is available. You can leave the Inbox, even after the names of the members of filter. This is a handy feature, because you can track the complete message history back.

Profile information.

Quality of members photos, Almost all of the members set personal free texts After Update: Attractive, simple Design In the Test, no fake profiles, The Profiles are detailed, The profile can later change profile pictures for all users free of charge visible.

The different Profiles of the members are mainly filled in completely. This makes it easier to search according to preferences and to make advance a good picture of the visited profile. The member search allows you to an interesting limitation of the members, which meet your search criteria. The simple search will take into account what other members in the Joyclub. Specifically, the kinds of contacts to find – you will not meet does not meet to the members of the search criteria you. The search settings also allow you to search according to specific interests or preferences such as BDSM, partner swapping or couples.

The following filters are available:

I’m looking for (women, men, couples) with an interest in women/men/couples/no Matter the location (with radius indication in km from 10 km up everywhere) age (of indication via a Controller) On the search for (Sex, Party & club visit, leisure & Entertainment, Flirt & friendship, relationship & partnership) relationship status (single, in open relationship, in relationship, Polyamorous) figure (rather slender, normal figure, more likely a little more) size (small, normal size, tend to be large) Logged in as (here you can choose which Type of profile should you are looking for members)

Search criteria for Premium members:

Preference for (here can you from an extensive list of sexual preferences) tendency (with Bi tilt, only heterosexual, only gay) Smoking (non-Smoking only, non-smokers or occasional smokers, smokers, or occasional smokers, only smokers) photo shoot (with an interest in shooting) partner exchange (excluding any interest in PT, with an interest in PT without a GM, with an interest in PT with GM) Dominant (Dominant or Switcher, Switcher, submissive or a Switcher, submissive) Swingers (Not a Swingers only Swingers only Swingers with little experience, just a Swinger with a lot of experience)

Security through clear rules of the game.

The own Nickname should be written does not allow any conclusions on the own Person and also in the contributions which you, you should be careful. The posts in the Forum can be found via search engines on the Internet .

The Joyclub has written a clear “rules of the game” for the members, they are under registration & membership available. A member that is not adhering to the rules of the Joyclub or is reported due to a violation by the customer service this responds quickly and reliably.

The Joyclub App you can find under the name of Joyce, the basic features of the site Quick contact Available in the Apple App Store and GooglePlay.

Since the summer of 2017 there will be an extra Joyclub App with the name Joyce! We have tested Joyce in detail for you. Who is registered with Joyclub, they can download the App and mobile Dating will go.

Practice test.

“If you want to experience something, to report to the Joyclub. I have already found a lot of exceptional Dates, and my fun.“ He wrote to me, the sex-addicted boy that I had met on Tinder. Joyclub? The nothing said to me sometimes, but I’d look at it…

The application is straightforward: It is the usual data to be queried and choose a Joyclub name (The creativity and obscenity, so I was able to observe it so far, there are no limits).

This step is completed, first of all inclinations, likes and dislikes queried In a variety of categories you can choose personal preferences for sexual play and gear types. From A for anal sex about all sorts of types and constellations of the Two – and Three-ness, to group sex, and voyeurism can be from 0 “not at all” to 5 “Absolutely” or “I Want to show a try” wishes and preferences. For the Inexperienced (like me) is also explained each preference briefly, that there are no misunderstandings in the case of “pee”, Etc. there. You can skip this point and equal to the free-text profile description.

Anyone who logs in as a young woman in the Joyclub, can be prepared to be a good 20 men a day written. It is, after all, in the audience of their peers, but also in the of older men. If you answered all the requests, you can really have several dozens of Mails daily in your Inbox .

I was initially, admittedly, very overwhelmed by the open communication of some men: What else is indicated at other networks, with their hands only, is communicated in the Joyclub detailed and open. There are not only clumsy quotes – usually, you will be asked to first for the female curves and then “How are you?” “What are you doing here?” or “What are you doing?” to open up the communication. Another classic is the issue of the number of persons with whom you met, or “What you have here already seen everything?”.

Honestly, I have written a very long time with many men until I found one that could convince me to go on a Date. To make a pre-selection meeting, I write a lot of Letters with right -, grammar -, and punctuation mistakes from the outset be deleted. It was observed that a good half of the emails were removed – generally, but are represented almost all levels of Education in the Joyclub: I wrote with engineers, students, brokers, Personal trainers, etc., etc. That you could theoretically have every man without effort, Sex, power and the a selection is not easier. Also, it often happens that men initially were very attentive and polite and this style then with a “when are we fucking then?” broken. But there are also repeat offenders who have either forgotten that they have got a basket, or simply do not want to accept. For the very Intrusive, there are, fortunately, the Ignore-list.

As a woman, but if one has the reins fully in Hand, so I showed up waited until someone who didn’t want to replace just the body fluids, but also to the Person was interested, he did.

The first Date was at my home. Not a good idea, if you want to sniff first, but after we had written before, some weeks ago, I was sure we would understand. That is what we did, but in the evening all in all was not so ecstatic, as I had thought. He volunteered again, but the contact was very fast..

The Dates I have first avoided. After all, that was what I experienced had more of a quick number as an “erotic adventure”. Then a young doctor woke my interest in Sex in the treatment room sound for me is first of all extremely erotic and adventurous.

Have we met but spontaneous with him. We had previously written some weeks and also on the phone and sexual, as well as on all other levels excellently understood. But also this Date was more a matter of abgekartetem game, as a real Date. Generally speaking, the small talk gave way mostly to the wine and the wine most erotic activities.

But the doctor remained a ONS – Our shared fantasies were far more erotic, than the almost frigid reality. So we love, with imaginative, erotic adventures – presented, mediated.

The third Date was exceptionally different: There was no “Happy ending”: We have met with him, talking, drinking wine, but remained for hours with wine and pleasant conversations. And even if there was an attraction between us, so this was postponed Because we’d really like to, as it is this short Happy End expressed. And now, after there have been several Happy Endings, is this Person one of my best friends. Sometimes it is like a open relationship, in which everything can, nothing must. A dynamic relationship, the to not more and not less as our passion for each other oriented.

All other Dates aligned with either the first or the second Date: Fast, uncomplicated Sex without any further attachment or Sex, which will not take place in this Form again, although you may. In many cases, it writes, but also to the interest to be a date and not a Date to able. One can keep contacts on Stand-By, as yet, no one was evil to me, that’s why .

And even now, after half a year when Joyclub I’m contacted often by new Unknown and am always surprised at what erotic desires can have people. Many men are also looking for a travel companion or a Partner for ordinary recreational activities. In General, the Joyclub stands out for me is the fact that the imagination has no limits and any requests can be expressed without fear. It is up to each pot here, so to speak, its lid.

My Dates I think are currently aware of to be very conservative. I’ve met a lot of different, but also very special men in the Joyclub. The “great erotic adventure” was so far, but I remain optimistic, however, that my cover will eventually emerge. After all, the sexual interest in the other Person is not always in the foreground – personally, I search now more open to persons with whom you can spend wonderful hours. Whether with or without a Happy ending…

But in Joyclub more than just erotic adventure?

In fact, Joyclub asserts that you can find here serious relations and lead, however, has not confirmed that, according to our experience. Although there are many members are logged in and you can come up with very many frivolous, open-minded people in contact, are then usually but not those with whom you would like to lead a love relationship. However, this is not a bad thing, the users of your money, but if it sparks between two users, then the circumstances of getting to know one another, hopefully only a minor matter.

Design and operation.

Adequate Design Intuitive condition Quick load times a bit cluttered Mobile Version of the website, works Many of the functions initially on the Tablet.

The dark and mysterious Design of the Joyclub in black, and leaves a “clear” first impression. However, Joyclub offers complex possibilities, this is almost too much choice. As a user, you have to get first a Overview. In spite of the high complexity and the diverse possibilities, you quickly get used to the operation.

Joyclub fits the Design also steadily and so is the personal home page graces for some time now a wall, you can see the latest posts from friends and organizers, but also the latest articles and surveys see. Also, the Arrangement of the Profiles has undergone a modernization, which is a bit clearer than the previous Version.

Unfortunately, the possibilities for Joyclub, however, are as varied as in the case of Facebook, and individual features are sometimes difficult to find .