Hot or Not Test 2019 is Worth the registration

to use

Hot or Not in the Test of September 2019 – who’s hot, who’s not?

quick registration possible non-binding contacts in the shortest possible time large Community with many members entertaining employment, but also on the cell phone rather superficial contacts many Fakes quick Chats and non-binding contacts comfortable App use possible.

Registration Process: 3,0 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 App: 4,0 /5 Practice Test: 3,5 /5.

Our Test Report.

Hot or Not is a Community that is visited mainly by young people. Most of the time the App is installed, the functionality is very good. This Portal is less a matter of finding the great love, than to have a lot more fun to flirt and see what goes on. A couple of Fakes mix would like to Happen, often it is ignored or simply without any reason blocked. Due to the high number of members, and this is boring it is not to be found but, nevertheless, sufficiently so fast .

Anyone who is registered here?

You will receive a personal profile which you can fill out Fakes are hot or not present moderated Profiles, there are some, verzifizierte Profiles active age range between 18 and 25 a few Best-Ager active.

Hot or not is in principle suitable for every age group, however, the focus is between 18 and 25 years. Over 50 hardly anyone is here, it is only a few search results will be displayed. Unfortunately, there are some fake profiles that bring fun user around the nose, or advertising for other, erotic web sites, make.

Fakes or disturbing user can at any time be reported to the Support, usually you will receive within 24 hours a response.

The more security You get, if You with verified Profiles think. The profile verification is free of charge and in various ways. First of all, You will be shown a gesture by image, You adjust a photo, and to hot or not to send. The image is not published in Your gallery. In addition, You need to alternatively one of Your Social Media account or Your mobile phone number with Your profile to connect.

On a moderated Profile is omitted here, however, is up to the Fakes You’ll meet here, in General, real people. It is very strong on images, only a few of the users have a long Text in the profile, great photos but You will find often.

The registration process.

Profile position is a bit confusing, many options, a free text is possible to upload images profile directly on Facebook or Instagram possible with Videos many setting possibilities in the area of privacy are to be fitted .

We found the profiling a bit confusing and, above all, the numerous setting options are opaque. You have but only once so apart, it is good that You maintain Your privacy. The following setting options You have:

– Profile view share or restrict – allow whether others can share Your profile – display of the distance of other users profile view only for people You like – search want based on Your E-mail address invisible mode, if You will not be seen .

The profile description is mediocre in detail, the classical information to one’s own Person, and You can specify with a mouse click. Smoking/non-Smoking, alcohol preferences, personal interests, etc. In addition, You can create a free text with a maximum of 1000 characters, You are the other think. You have to save Your details before they are actually stored in the profile .

If You upload photos, You can this either from the hard drive of Your PC, from Your mobile or from one of Your Social Media Accounts to select. When you link with Facebook, for example, Your images are to be released from there to import. Videos You can on hot or not share, but only if you’ve previously uploaded on Instagram. Videos are one of the best options, as You imagine Yourself at the other can.

The profile creation takes a good half an hour, including all settings. Matching suggestions don’t get You, but You can immediately “hit-game” to get started, or people in Your area are looking for. The photos and Profiles of other users, You can view them at any time, unless they have restricted access .


Message paid gifts is to write for free available usually only with photo function, video chat, chat is not available “Likes” can only be used with photo awarded .

The members are hot or not quite active. This is because many will get the notification about new activities directly onto the Smartphone, and thus can respond immediately .

Your opportunities with others are to come in contact quite diverse. Classically, the message that You can send even without a Premium membership is, of course. In addition, You can communicate via video chat, for this purpose, but have to agree with both users. If You use special functions, such as, for example, the stick shipment in the Chat, You need points to purchase this .

You can send in order to draw the attention of another Person to You, gifts. These are chargeable and can be paid for with points. You have no points, You can send a gift. To can Your gift, You can write a personal message, and then choose whether Your gift will be private or public, and sent .

You can, of course, the attention to pull You, by You liking a different Person. For this purpose, You press on the heart icon of the profile. Like is only possible if You have already uploaded a profile photo. The profile photo plays already a big role. Many users refuse to chat with people without a picture in front of it. You can’t contact these people then .

in principle

Profile information.

Profiles only moderately filled with more photos than Text profile popularity can increase photos of others can be seen in the overall view of the Profiles a bit boring.

On hot or not it goes a lot to the look. Not all users make the effort and create a profile text. Images, however, there is on almost every profile, since these are the Basis of the full hit-game. You can see the photos of the other view, if the galleries were not to be restricted by the user. The existing free-text field is used more rarely, women leave here, sometimes a few lines or a Emoticon, is usually omitted, but .

How much are You of a different profile can see is depending on how much You want to give yourself the price. If You haven’t filled, for example a point, can’t You see this on other profiles. You will then be prompted to edit this field on Your profile to get the Information .

The popularity of Your own profile You can for a fee increase. There are the options:

– Storms the Charts – discover – get more visitors.

These options ensure that Your profile is in focus and You get more visitors or the search at the top will.

If You are visiting a foreign profile, You will see above the profile picture, whether the Person is currently online. If the Person is on your Smartphone, You’ll see a phone icon is displayed. It is also displayed if the profile owner has previously used an action such as “storms the Charts” .

As already mentioned, there is hot or not always fake profiles. You can report the profile. There is a window in which You can give a reason for Your message box opens. Please note that You can’t block a Person, too, if you like it. In this case, a message to the Support is not required.

available in Google Playstore is not available in the Apple Store available in the Windows Store App is available free of charge, very good operability.

The App is available for both Iphones as well as Android Phones available. Unfortunately, there is no version for Windows Phones. The functionality of the App is very good, there are all the functions available, which are also offered in the Desktop version. The notification for new messages directly to the mobile phone, optionally, this function can be switched on and off but. The Premium membership is also available in the App selectable, points can be purchased here. The payment can then be done directly on the Appstores .

Practice test.

It will be evident that hot or not is aimed mainly at young people. The features are modern, the older Generation, it is significantly more difficult to find your way here. Generally, hot or not makes a modern, snazzy impression that the love may speculate but no one immediately. With this Portal, everything is possible, a lot of men and women are looking for erotic Meetings and page jumps, very Flirts are popular and often will also be looked to see just who’s back in town from the surroundings so .

Unlike other portals, it needs as a Computer/mobile phone Pro a few minutes to get smart here, Inge. There are not many functions, the points system is the same obvious and numerous setting options for the profile are also a little complicated. It is worthwhile, because if You have once understood all of the features You will get to hot or not to use at some point in their sleep .

We have made the experience, that the use of the Smartphone simply makes more fun. Even the Desktop version is good to use, but the binding to the PC is just boring. On the Smartphone You can from anywhere whether at grandma’s in the garden or in the office, on Your profile to access and with nice contacts to chat.

In any case, hot or not is pretty amusing, exciting and varied. Here, the time, day and night, a conversation partner, even if it is only for a short chat or a Flirt. Good Support ensures that you will feel as a user well-being and if in doubt there is always someone as a helper to the side .

Design, functionality and usability.

The Portal is hot or not is available both on the Web as well as via an App available. The web version works well, visually, but not a Highlight. As colour plain, White dominates, the font is grey or blue. You have access to all the functions of well-sorted on the home page, and can be sure. A bit complicated, the settings menu is, because here You have to open a lot of pages, until You come finally to the goal .

Excellent, however, the FAQ section, because here all the relevant questions about hot or not will be answered. If a question is not answered, You can record to the operator of hot or not contact and get quickly answer.

Hot or Not costs and prices.

Profile position, Profile visits use of hit-game messages to receive and send User like search in the surroundings Upload pictures and Videos apps activity and creating a favorites list.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Premium-membership / week / month / month / month.

Hot or Not is expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers Hot or Not is in the reasonable range .