Flirt Fever in the Test of September 2019

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Our Flirt Fever Test Flirt Fever Chat Community.

With the specified four million members Flirt heard Fever to the larger single stock exchanges in Germany, but can also be used in Austria. On the market, the page is since 2003, the Flirt Fever experience from private clients, are all due to grow. Again and again the high number of Fakes of consumers criticism, which comes with free usability for women. Also in the criticism of the unfriendly manners of the users are.

Flirt Fever certainly has Potential, because it is a very well-functioning Portal with the most important functions. Since the quality of a portal depends, however, crucially from the users, would need to be revised on the part of the operator here a lot to get to actually get a top place in the rating .

Registration process and profile creation.

Sign up to work at Flirt Fever easily, of course, the comfortable Facebook-quick registration is a must. As a registered user you get on the home page directly to the Flirt Fever Login. Also, users with a Google account will benefit from a faster registration process by linking your Google account .

Flirt is guaranteed to Fever, that there are no notes on the Facebook wall to see if you’re on your Social Media Account to register. The profile takes approximately 15 minutes and offers a lot of variety. First of all, you give up a few Basics about you:

your size and your stature do you smoke? Eye & hair color, hair length, profession, Hobbies optional: Whatsapp number, Facebook profile.

Now you can explain to by the click of a mouse your character. Here you can select characteristics such as honesty, objectivity, contention, lust, romance, and spontaneity. A similar selection procedure for the description of your leisure-time activities. Space for a free Text is not in this range, your character and your Hobbies, you have to, with clickable, pre-defined activities and properties to describe.

To get self-word you in the rubric: “a few words about me”. A total of 1,500 characters available to you, to you, the Community effectively present. Loosen up, you can provide your Message with a couple of Smilys, directly next to the input field .

The Profile Photo.

Overall, you can upload at Flirt Fever up to 12 photos in your profile. Each image is reviewed by the editors manually, which takes about approximately six hours. The course, a processing is guaranteed within 24 hours. For the Upload of photos, there are Flirt Fever strict rules:

in the picture, an individual must be able to see the individual you have to be your face clearly visible no objectionable content or profanity, must be approved.


Without contacts the best Dating exchange is of no use, therefore, the opportunities for contact in the case of Flirt are Fever, is very important. Overall, you have three options you can use with other users to come in contact can:

The Chat is available for all users, no matter whether with a Premium membership or not. In our Test, around 50 users were in the chat room active, about 70 percent of them were male. Women answers only rarely, when they are contacted, what is probably due to the manners of the gentlemen. Sexual innuendo, request statements and crude are Turn on in the Chat at the agenda and not be prevented from Flirt Fever. Only the Transfer of mobile numbers, what is being tried by many users, can be prevented by Flirt Fever .

A Fever is a Flirt, an Instant-you can send on the profile of any other Person. The Fever has no personal Text, but shows that a Person has interest in you. When shipping a Fevers, different variants can be chosen:

beckoning questioning glance smile at an astonished glance, kisses with tongue out of a star give the invitation a Cup of coffee, a Rose give invitation to a visit to the cinema.

The most classic and best way of contact is and remains the personal message. Flirt Fever messages with Emoticons beefed up. As a man, you can your letter box first call, if you’re a Premium member. Since many men do not opt for this step, get a lot of women, there is no answer to your messages.

Members of the structure.

The members in the case of Flirt are Fever more likely to be younger, the age focus is between 18 and 35 years. Older people, you can difficult to meet, the modern orientation of the portal shows who should be addressed here .

The proportion of men and women is balanced, what is certainly due to the free membership for women. How many women are Fake, can at first glance recognize.

A Problem bodies are a numerous file , not be deleted by Flirt Fever. Most of the Altnutzer company delete, no effort to your no longer-used profile because it is simply too complicated. Even a basic account can only be made after contacting the Support deleted, this step to go to, at least leave your Account rather rest.

Tips from our editorial staff.

Tip 1: Look at what you like! If you have the profile of a other Person is visiting, it is important that you find out what interests she has. Only you can points the first time you Flirt and show that you were attentive. Most of the Profiles give interesting hints and clues, to do with whom you did it.

Tip 2: Show your interest! To show the first step to have interest in someone with a Fever, you can mouse click to your To send is. Usually the other Person does not respond to it, look at your profile to find out who is the sender of the Fever .

Tip 3 : just say a friendly Hello! Since your Fever a bit of time has passed and you want to take the next step? Then send me a message. Expert tip: Three to four nice rows of rich, you have to send a novel. Not make sure it is a nice title, cheap pet names are popular.

Tip 4: don’t lose sight of that! If you like a Person really well, it is perfectly suited for a place on your favorites to get the list. Just click the appropriate Button, and you can access again and again on the profile. Positive: The other Person sees that you landed on your favorites list .

Tip 5: the First steps to friendship! A friendship can start with a click. If you get on well, and a couple of nice messages you have exchanged, it is time for you to flirt with fever friends will. Your friendship is displayed in the profile and you give you to understand each other, that you find yourself sympathetic .

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of the Flirt is Fever is appealing and modern, it is primarily aimed at the young Generation. By the click of a mouse or the press of a button can be switched between the Desktop Version and the mobile Version .

Color-Flirt works Fever in a lively and appealing, the font size is comfortable and allows for a good use. The functional scope is not overly, but just enough to provide a pleasant base for the contact. On superfluous bells and whistles, the Portal has omitted, however, without compromising the user’s quality.

A point of criticism, the presentation of the Profiles that appears at times somewhat carelessly, however. It should be added that the Profiles are not marked in the photo in the examination separately. A profile of visitors might assume that there is to see here, no photo, and lose interest. It would be better if Flirt would Fever be a clue that the profile is being checked .

Special Features.

Thanks to different functions, it will be at Flirt Fever is not so quickly bored. Modern get-to-know games and the opportunity to expand the Knowledge complete the offer:

Speed-Dating in Flirt Fever.

The game Speed Dating is to allow users of Flirt-Fever is a quick get to Know beyond their own limits. You click on the game, to see you directly to a photo of the other sex. Now you have to decide spoilt for choice and have to, whether the Person comes for a Date in question, or not.

If you have chosen, you will be shown the next image and you have to re-make a decision. Have you both voted ‘Yes’, you will be informed of this and can you with the Knowledge to know that you can find your photos each other attractive .

Expansion of knowledge thanks to the Blog.

Flirt Fever provides its users with a comprehensive Blog with topics around the theme of Dating. Be launched in addition, surveys to take the Dating behavior of the users under the magnifying glass. As a member, you’re automatically inform access to the Blog, you can at any time about current topics .

The Search Function.

To meet other members, you need the search function. This allows you the selection of suitable candidates to narrow down. In the search function, you can set the following parameters:

Gender and the desired age, zip code and accepted the perimeter of a display according to the photo number, or last Login character properties such as looseness, neatness, etc. Activities such as sports, nature, etc.

Flirt Fever is not an App available, but it has built in the possibility to have the Portal in a mobile Version. This means that you get asked by the press of a button on your Smartphone, an improved view. The change to the desktop version via click.

We have tested:

A big plus point it directly at the time of registration for Flirt Fever, as well as the own Google Account could be used for the registration. It was a pity, however, that our profile was ready in ten minutes, not a lot of opportunities for something to build. But it must extend, as we have plunged us directly into the fray of the chat .

but not overly rosy

A nice option that even basic members can access the Chat, but the tone is frightening. Men, who could not be as pubertal adolescents Behave and Sexangebote the more clearly hold the balance. The proportion of women in the Chat is small, to recognize the ladies at the pink-colored name that comes on right in the chatt display .

New users will not be noted in the Chat almost at all, so that we have abandoned this Form of contact quickly. The Speed Dating game was, however, as funny and entertaining. Special advantage: thanks to Speed Dating, you also learn people know, which would fall in the radius search through the Grid. And sometimes, love knows, as we know, no limits.

Our conclusion: a Total Flirt Fever fun, and there is no boredom in the use. At least this is true for the first two hours. Fast we have noticed, however, that the willingness to communicate is outstanding. This may be due to some “dead”, but even if we leave us the Profiles after the last Login, sorted, does not respond long each prescribed Person a nice message. The personals on the profiles leave something to be desired, if you know something about someone know, you need to directly ask for it.

Personal Recommendation.

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Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Standard membership / Special week-membership / week-Classic-membership / week.

Registration and profile creation, Upload and testing of the profile image search for profiles Fever send favorites chat use add .

Messages in the Inbox read messages reply to or compose.

Bank debit.

The cost of Flirt are Fever in the upper price segment. Are first offered a trial membership that converts, in the absence of termination of a membership automatically 10 weeks. For this reason, often by Flirt Fever rip-off is spoken. Since each member can cancel at any time Flirt Fever, is a rip-off, however nothing was seen. Your membership is renewed you have to go in advance. The amount for the entire term will be charged and your membership is immediately after the extension is valid.

Unfortunately, only the possibility of payment by direct debit is available, so that the user is forced to its Bank details. As the purpose of the withdrawal is Flirt Fever not named, but the Prebyte GmbH is run in conjunction with the code number-number of the profile .

Women use Flirt Fever full free, men are not able to use the most important areas of the page without a Premium membership. Unfortunately, there is no coupon, even if you register via affiliate programs. Also, the discount for an extremely long time with Flirt Fever, since there is only a 10-week membership .

Flirt Fever is a Portal with Potential, what is needed, however, a good Portion of new members, and better manners. Very positive is the manual examination of the Profile is negative, but the Grid through which the majority of Fakes fall. The four million members, who are joyfully touted by the operator, are probably not identical with the current facts. We estimate that, since the establishment so many people have logged in, how many of them are still active, there is no information.

Those who want to quickly and efficiently go on Dating with Flirt Fever not happy. The Portal is more suitable for cute Flirts in between, and a casual Acquaintance, the chances of success, we appreciate, but not overly rosy .

What is Flirt Fever?

Flirt Fever a Portal in the mostly young people to come together to find nice Partner for flirting .

Is Flirt Fever serious?

Contrary to many accusations that Flirt had Fever Fake, the Portal is legitimate. Seriousness is not in line with success, even reputable portals can get in terms of matchmaking bad reviews. Our Flirt Fever assessment criticized only the opportunities, but not the seriousness of the portal.

How do I Flirt with Fever ?

If you have purchased a trial membership, you can cancel this at any time within the term. For this purpose, the post is required and the cover Letter must be provided with your box number. After receipt of your termination, your profile of Flirt is deleted Fever .

What is the cost of Flirt Fever?

As a woman, Flirt Fever at all costs you nothing, as a man, you pay for 10 weeks 190 euros. At the beginning, you get an introductory offer, but when this is run, you need to select the full membership, to be able to communicate .

How do I delete my Flirt Fever Account?

If you have a Free Account with Flirt Fever and want to delete you have to contact Support. You can do that either by phone or via the contact form. It is a short message, stating the ranges of your box number. In your dismissal letter to the fact that you delete your Account with immediate effect want to.

If you don’t realize that flirting is the Fever in your case, you can call within 14 days of your membership completely revoked. This is a short piece of writing enough, what should you, as a safety copy. Your revocation could look as follows:

Ladies and gentlemen,

I hereby make my right of withdrawal and to revoke the membership for my Account with the name XXX call created with the E-mail address [email protected] Please confirm the cancellation in writing.

With kind Regards,.

Ease of use.

What do I do if I forgot my login data ?

You forgot what the nick name you you with Flirt Fever gave? In this case, you can below the Login area on the forgot password button and enter your E-mail address. You will then receive a message that your user name is shown .

Free Services.

What is a Fever?

As Fever is a small, symbolic message that you can send with one click. The message is predefined, you can add any Text to it. With a Fever you show the Opposite, that you were there and lure him perhaps to your profile.

What is a trial membership?

Male members can buy according to their registration with Flirt Fever a trial membership. This is to allow you, the paid features once to try out. Note, however, that the trial membership in a runtime converts subscription. If you don’t continue to Flirt Fever to be a member, you will need to cancel urgently in a timely manner .


Why is warned of the protection of consumers against false E-Mails?

Scammers had made the popularity of Flirt Fever to Use to collect money, what you do not condition. A foreign company wrote to former or existing customers and sent a request for payment. At the sender, it was clear that the E-Mails were from Flirt Fever. Customers were instructed to ignore such emails and report it to the consumer protection .

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Your flirt fever experience.

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