Dating Cafe im Test 2019 Fake Profiles or real Dates

Dating Cafe im Test 2019 Fake Profiles or real Dates

Dating Cafe, in the Test of 2019.

Dating services target group: 30 High members satisfaction free trial week for all members a Few new members, since hardly any advertising costs low in the area will be switched .

Registration Process: 3,0 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Dating Cafe Test.

Dating Cafe is the single exchange of the old school for partner search at the end of the 30, the flirting instead of superficial fun, goal-oriented to some Genuine want. Here, there are hardly any fake profiles, all the more real Dates. Due to the somewhat stale, but love beautiful Design, a pleasant prevails on the side of feel-good cafe atmosphere.

Dating Cafe went in August 1998, online, to be one of the forerunners of today’s Online Dating. The Portal offers also in addition to the single exchange is also Blind-Date-Events and single trips, in order to make online and offline !

Anyone who is registered here?

Germany-wide members, gender ratio, Many of the members are between 35 and 55 years of age a Few Fakes opportunity as a Couple to register.

Although the main target audience of the Dating cafe is, as before 30, but now the audience is very broad. Many Singles in their early 20s, but also a whole row of ladies and gentlemen the ages of 50, 60 and 70 go here and find a partner.

In the Test, Fakes fall on us, but unfortunately, a lot of Profiles without pictures, which are additionally filled with more of the information. As you search under the circumstances for a while, until you come across a profile that you like.

Age distribution.

18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

The registration process.

Duration of the registration on the Dating cafe: 15 minutes up to 4 profile images and a large field for free text.

What Dating Cafe of other comparable Dating sites stand out, is the very profile free design. You are very few category requirements, instead, you can give your profile with your own text a very individual Touch, and you will make it more interesting, as the competition in the single market. Unfortunately, there is no “quick” log-in through Facebook.

Our Expert Tips:

Load at least 3, ideally 5 images at Dating cafe of you! This should show you in different situations, e.g. in the case of your Hobby, with your friends, a full-body photo of your character reflects Tell in the profile text about yourself, but don’t try yourself in a new Ulyssis. Highlights your best qualities, ask, also, how your friends perceive you and use this Information for your profile! So be open and honest, but is always positive. Nobody wants to read white “Actually, I-I, why me, my friends like”. Use the mood specification in order to make a snappy slogan to call attention to you .

Free Sample Week.

Are you interested in membership at Dating Cafe, you can test the page for a whole week extensive free-of-charge. If you actively flirt, you don’t need a paid membership. With this, you can read an unlimited number of times and send messages or private chat. In addition, you can keep up to date via SMS to contact potential dream partners and stay ads spared.


Bump-function, without any Text, personal messages, Premium members can send SMS to other members, Live Chat for direct replacement available.

You can use the “sympathy-click” helps you to absorb the first contact, an interesting member: The member receives the “sympathy-click” a notification that you have interest and can optionally send a “hit-click” back. So you can only imagine the tedious Search for the right first words to save, if your looking To anyway something completely Different .

What is perceived by many members as a particularly pleasant: members profiles, over a long period of time inactive, are also marked as such. This will save you time, Send you unnecessary messages, if Waiting for a reply, anyway is futile. Members who you feel is harassing you, you can put on the “black list” – so you can’t contact to you .

Profile information.

Authenticity examination of the members by ID-Check The Profiles, many photos, detail-filled text boxes in detail The profile can later, profile pictures are changed for all users free of charge visible.

Most of the members of a multiple profile pictures and are presented with long texts. Dating Cafe creates the balancing act between high anonymity and at the same time a precise Review of each profile for authenticity by an identity card-balance.

Unfortunately, there are also members without a completely filled out profile and without profile pictures. However, through the Advanced search you can filter these out, so only SIngles that meet your requirements are displayed .

Unfortunately, there is no Dating Cafe App, but a good mobile version for on-the-Go. Compatible with Smartphone & co. The mobile version does not work for the Browser Opera, Windows Phone 7, and Internet Explorer.

Practice test.

The Design is kept clear and simple, in a somewhat antiquated tones.

Dating Cafe im Test 2019 Fake Profiles or real Dates

Unfortunately, the single market has no Apps for the Smartphones and can only be made via the website support. This works very well and does not come with unnecessary bells and whistles .

Dating Cafe costs and prices.

Profiling Profiles of other members, view All, New members can try Dating Cafe, a week-long free detail. Try it now for free.

Messages to other Singles, send and read Private Chat invite to public Chat, use SMS to subscribers not to send advertising.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total Premium-membership / month / month / month.

Dating Cafe is expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers Dating Cafe is in the appropriate range . Try it now for free.

Credit Card Debit.

Without the termination of the contract is extended automatically.


Events and travel.

In addition to a virtual Flirt and Meet Dating Cafe offers many Events, trips and seminars that are planned. Dating Cafe organised a number of Events for Singles, where Non-members can participate. Due to the balanced gender distribution and the vote of the age of the participants in these Events are very much in demand and increase your Chance to find your dream partner at last .

Single trips (largest selection on the Internet!) Power Dating, Single Parties, Single-Pub Tours. Seminars (Single-Cooking, Flirting Courses. )

Participation in Events costs typically between 25,00€ and 50,00€.

Good Customer Service.

In the case of Worry and grief a Support Team is available via a Hotline to the local rate there. Service-Hotline: 040-7975566-0 (from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00)

In the Dating Cafe-members of the Community is almost always high, since many of the features promote communication with each other, for example:

short-term View by members for members (Of the fishing trip to the zoo)

Our Rating.

Registration Process: 3,0 / 5 Contact: 4,0 / 5 Profile Information: 3,0 / 5 App: 0,0 / 5 Practice Test: 4,0 / 5.

Conclusion of our test editor.

The price-to-performance ratio and the long experience of the single market make Dating Cafe is an attractive choice for Singles over 30 years.

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your Dating Cafe experience.

Here’s genuine Singles share their experiences with Dating Cafe. If You want to share your experiences, did you have a Chance here:

Thanks for your experience report. After editorial review we will publish it here .

Dating Cafe Reviews.

Hi,your information on the form (I search / I am) are not always applicable.Since my Dating Cafe experiences were successful, I search nic . ht more!Am since about 5 years with my girlfriend, I met on a Dating Cafe. Clear costs, no rip off – for me one of the exemplary portals – if you can find someone suitable – is a completely different question.. :)patience is one of the properties that are in the single exchanges is important. “”

We are already 4 months a Couple of, and still super happy.

In contrast to the Dates, some are not realistic, because they dream of great men who have money, academics, romantic, e . successful, children and animals should not be sweet even if the children are of them, sports such as Golf, sailing, skiing, Tennis operate. You should also drive great cars, or, better still, in the summer of convertibles. If you are 50 and look look younger, so from the age of 40. so it is today with the spirit of the times. I would like to emphasize, this has nothing to do with the Dating cafe, only with the users. “”