BDSM28 in the Test of September 2019 – hart to hart

BDSM28 in the Test of September 2019 - hart to hart

BDSM28 in the Test of September 2019.

BDSM28 is aimed at women and men from the BDSM scene that are interested to find a suitable Partner. Can be searched according to friends, Online contacts, Affairs or solid partnerships. Experience has shown that the search for sexual adventures in BDSM28 is the most common. Many users do not know even yet, after that keep a close lookout and to just be pleasantly surprised. The proportion of men is clearly higher than the proportion of women – this suggests to the search focus to beech.

Registration and profile creation.

fast, free registration a very extensive profile design deleted possible a lot of personal information with Statements, possible Profiles can be saved as favorites inactive Profiles after seven days .

Sign in to BDSM28 is free of charge and done within ten minutes. The new members will receive a confirmation E-Mail, which must be retrieved within seven days and clicked. The new registration is not confirmed within this period of time, then the profile is deleted again. In this way, to prevent “dead” and collect, which ultimately increase not only the number of members .

Very positive is the profile design is here there are really numerous opportunities for the members. The best we found was the Option with the 20 Statements, a picture of your own personality and your own interest. As Statements various statements are made, which can then be used by the member and comments added. As an example, there are statements such as:

– My worst nightmare – My past – My ideas of partnership.

If you come across an interesting profile, can this be added to the favorites. The favorites list is on your profile is always accessible and allows quick access to friends and interesting people.

Each member has the opportunity to be a profile photo upload, which will be immediately unlocked. Furthermore, each user can create photo albums, and as a base member pro of the Album, the three post pictures. Premium members can upload ten images per Album. Private galleries can only be made by favorites, viewed, public galleries of all the Premium users.

In addition, it is possible to have a private FSK18 gallery to upload, this is backed up by the youth protection system. This gallery is released from the Support after it has completed the youth protection test. Private galleries allow erotic shots, but no Hardcore pornography. The rules for the images in this publication, strict, but fair and reasonable.

Profile information.

very detailed Profiles female Profiles much better, many photos, filled in the System at the time of search can be searched according to the online status, Profile from Support checks.

The Profiles of the other users are quite well filled, with women significantly more effort in the design of the profile. Especially in terms of free texts, the ladies have the nose in front. Most of the women answer questions, the Statement, and explain on your profile clearly, according to what you are actually looking for. For the men, this information is often sought in vain, more than two-to-three sets we could find in our Test, rare .

The photos are not accessible to everyone, only the profile picture is visible to all. If there are private galleries that can only be looked at to add to the favorites list. For basic members, there are generally no opportunities for pictures galleries watch, a premium membership is required.

Also the online status is only for premium members available. Those who visit as a base member, the profile of a other Person only sees the note, that the online status is only as a premium member available. It is on the profile also shows whether the holder of a basic or premium member .

However, there are also basic members, a Trick to find out who was recently online. The search function can be target of people to be searched, which were previously active. In addition, the search results can be sorted by the last Login. So Profiles are displayed first, which are not yet logged in long.

BDSM28 in the Test of September 2019 - hart to hart


numerous contact options for members, a lot of communication in the Chat rooms are sorted according to the themes on get-togethers, real contacts can be linked to Events and dates, together lead users .

The contact at BDSM28 is in various ways possible. A Central focus for a casual chit-chat on the Chat. Here there are many rooms that have different themes. The standard rooms, like the Lobby, are the same for all users open. Other rooms a Premium, in turn, are reserved for members. Unfortunately, the chat rooms are moderated, but it comes back nevertheless and again to ugly scenes. Bullying are available here as well as obscene Turn. After a short message to the Support, however, there are usually consequences. In addition, each member has the opportunity to ignore a troublemaker in the Chat .

In BDSM28 many members are looking for real contacts, you can also find. There are regular get-togethers, which take place according to location and interests, sorted again and again. In the respective stammtisch group of people from the same Region or with the same interests talk. At irregular intervals, Meetings are held, where new members also are seen as the old-timers. The Events and dates are to get to know a good way of meeting new people. If SM Party in Clubs or private parties, Events are always posted, invite you to Participate .

Of course, it can be sent in BDSM28 simply a classic private message. However, this function is reserved only to premium members only. Premium members can reply to messages on the basis of members to send, this can also free of charge. A message in a base member is sending, however, is not possible. BDSM28 also provides an Instant contact-ability in the Form of a “WOW”. Is sent this “WOW”, the other a member of a note, that someone shows interest .

Special Features.

Events and dates.

Events and dates are for all people who want to establish personal contacts. In the BDSM scene, there are always exciting events posted in BDSM28. Information on participation there is in the posted event.

Master tables.

The master tables are created by the users themselves, and are open to all members free. Who can participate in the mood and interested in how often a Stammtisch takes place, however, is not.

In the section Stories all the users of BDSM28 have the opportunity to publish their own erotic fantasies and stories. Other participants can use these to read and also a Story .

A BDSM28 App is not a mobile page view is available.

Practice test.

BDSM28 greeted with a dark and stylish page, the focus is soon alone, through the Design clear. The erotic scenes, which are on the side, have a clear BDSM-Touch. The pictures are in black-and-white, and seem therefore to be particularly erotic. After a simple registration, is in just a few minutes of the confirmation link. Then you can begin with the use of BDSM28. The profiling is fun and in reply to the statement of the questions so many learn something about themselves.

If the profile is created, you can start searching for contacts. In spite of the surplus of Males, there are always sociable women, who are over the news. It is clear that many users want real Meeting and, therefore, also in the case of the master tables is always a lot of crowds prevails. But online is a lot of chit-chat, this Chat is best suited for them. For newbies, it is for the first few days to grasp a little difficult to walk in the Chat. But anyone who has already looked a few Times, is eventually taken by the most persistent root users in the middle .

Fakes and trolls there are here, the logged-in users my it with the search seriously. Therefore, often the premium memberships to be completed, to be able to actually use all of its features. Although even without a premium membership is not possible, consideration should be given in case of serious interest to the professional account. It is great, that here no notice is necessary, because the membership itself expires. Generally speaking, the site is extremely fair, the Support reacts to help ask the right quickly and very friendly. So who is after search of nice on – and offline BDSM-contacts, is right here.